We believe in the power of media to educate, to persuade and to change our society. We are Probe Productions Inc., an independent media production company based in the Philippines.

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After decades on television, Probe is finally going digital.

Our new online address will bring you new webisodes and make our extensive library of professionally shot video spanning over 20 years of media coverage accessible. From politics and current events, to nature, culture and the arts, take a look at Probe's archival collection.  

Who We Are

Probe Productions Inc. is known for producing the trailblazing shows in Philippine television -- “The Probe Team,” “Gameplan,” “5 and Up,” “Cheche Lazaro Presents,” and “Art Is Kool.” These programs earned critical acclaim for their depth, balance and high production values in both local and international competitions.

We produce audio-visual materials in varied genres -- whether your video project is a full-scale documentary, an instructional video, an organizational AVP, a TV show or a public service announcement, our team has the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life.

This is how we see video productions -- we want everyone who views your material to feel like they’ve had a close look inside your organization. We want them to walk away, mindful of the influence you have in your community, country and the world. Let us help you create a high impact video to motivate your stakeholders.

Educate. Persuade. Change our society. We are Probe Productions Inc.

Did You know?

On this day in 1941, United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered the nationalization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. He also named General Douglas MacArthur as commander-in-chief of all American forces in the Far East. 


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